Glossary of Terms - Jewelry-making Jargon

Updated: Feb 19

There may be some terms used around this site that are unfamiliar - check out our glossary to learn more about our unique jewelry making jargon.

Element - any individual piece of a design. Gemstones can be an element of a design. A silk tassel is also an element of design.

Finding – refers to the metal spacer beads and clasps/rings used to create some of the jewelry pieces.

Semi-precious – gemstones come in a wide range of qualities. The ones we use are refered to as ‘semi-precious’. This means they are not jeweller-quality, but affordable and accessible. For more, see grace.

Curated – Some collections have pieces that have been selected, organized, and presented using our professional experience. This term usually refers to items we did not create from scratch. For more, see afterglow or lustre.

Restyling/Refashioning – We find previously-loved, discarded and/or broken jewelry, and give it life again! These terms refer to the taking apart and repurposing of pieces, as well as the cleaning and repackaging of other pieces. For more, see bespoke ooak.

Vintage – A piece of jewelry that is 15-20+ years old, or imitates a classic, or retro style. For more, see the treasure chest.


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